October 22, 2012

sunday suppers

A few months ago a few of my best friends and I started doing Sunday potluck dinners (though we've been kind of lax for the last few months). None of us have family in San Diego and these friends have become my sisters here. It is so nice to look forward to these Sundays so I don't feel too bad missing out on my own family dinners. Plus my friends are just really awesome and fun and William had a blast having friends over to play with.
This Sunday was my turn to have it at our house. We usually try to do a theme of sorts and we hadn't done Italian yet. We have a very small house so we usually entertain outside on our patio but it was cold and rainy. Luckily a family in our ward is renovating their house and gave us their old oak dining table with 8 chairs. We put the kids at the table in our eat-in kitchen and moved out some of the furniture to set up the big table in the living room. My mother-in-law recently bought me this tablecloth from Italy when they were there this summer so I put it on the table along with some orange tulips, pumpkins and candles and felt thoroughly like my mother - which is a good thing! My mom always makes dinners at her house feel like a special occasion.
I made my lasagna bolognese (and my friend, Ashley, also made a pan of lasagna) and then we had salad, garlic bread and poor man's eclair for dessert. Another successful, fun Sunday supper!


  1. Such a fun idea! :) I wish we had a group of friends in our ward..

  2. First time reader of your website, and I love it! May I inquire as to where you got your lovely tablecloth?


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