October 25, 2012

sassy spanish senorita

This mood board might be my favorite so far - another fun teen room! I love the moodiness of the slate blue walls paired with the playful elements (like the bean bag chair for friends) and vibrant art and pillows.

By the way, I've had some interest from readers about doing custom room mood boards. I am now offering my "design services" if anyone is interested. I've priced it really reasonably because I'm not a bona fide interior designer but it does take a chunk of time to make these. Luckily, I really enjoy doing it so if you're interested send me an e-mail and check out my other room boards and information on pricing here. :)
1. Bark Border Euro Sham
2. Kellen Iron Headboard
3. Industrial Task Lamp
4. Blue Storage Boxes
5. Spain Travel Poster
6. Atmosphere Print
7. Chevron Ivory Rug
8. Red Bean Bag Chair
9. Borghese Mirrored Side Chest
10. Woven African Storage Basket
11. Weathered Oak Finish Chair
12. Campaign Desk
13. David Hicks Pillow
14. Colorful Dragon Pillow

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  1. So exciting Liz!!! You will be awesome at this! And I say it's long overdue. You may not be officially "professional", but your own home totally looks professionally designed and you have such an amazing eye for decor! You can definitely do just an amazing job as pretty much all the "professional" design bloggers whose blogs I read. If I had any sort of budget to spend on a room in my house, you'd definitely be someone I'd turn to for help!


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