October 15, 2012

over the weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend. First, on Saturday morning we dropped off William at a friend's house and then headed to a tour of the project that David has been working on for the last few years (he was moved to another job site about a year ago). It's the San Diego Federal Courthouse downtown and it was really fun to see all the progress since he left and to see the fruits of his labor, if you will. I even got to wear a hard hat which was, as you can imagine, a dream.
I stood in a jail cell with the baby and it was kinda freaky walking through the hallways and seeing how impossible it is now to break out of those things. It made me think of a few scenes on our favorite new show but real jail cells are definitely not like the movies. And I also acted like a judge for a minute. Courtrooms are really cool and it made me think of another favorite show. P.S. I realize we watch a lot of TV.
Then we headed over to Oma's Pumpkin Patch with our friends, the Jones's and even though it was hot, we still had fun. Maybe someday we'll live somewhere where it isn't 85 degrees in October. Bleh. But the hay ride was still really fun!
we love these guys!
William had a great time walking through the hay maze, shooting some hoops and doing a bean bag toss.
He also liked this huge sand pit filled with dump trucks. He was in heaven. 
He and Ella had a great time swinging on the tire swing and then riding these inflatable horses on the field. It was pretty funny to watch.
Fritz just looked adorable in this swing. I love him so much I could explode. 
Of course, it was too hot for hot apple cider so instead we got William an ice cream cone.
He liked it and didn't miss the apple cider one bit.

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  1. How FUN! I can't wait to particpate in San Deigo Sheninigans again :) You are lookin' good my Love! Skinny Minny fo show...

    ...and Ella and Will! Cute cute cute!!!!


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