October 17, 2012

big top circus nursery

Because I had so much fun doing the Modern Amsterdame nursery board, I decided to do another one. Obviously, I like circus stuff - which is funny since I've never been to the circus and I'm kind of scared of it. There's something about it that's utterly fascinating, terrifying and wondrous at the same time. Have you ever been? I just love all the colors and the "over-the-top"ness of it all!
1. Circus Play Tent
2. Cordy Roy Lion
3. Circus Marquee Alphabet Letter
4. "Il Grande Alfredo" by Daniele Melani
5. Balthazar the Magician (or in this case, the Ringmaster) by BlaBla Kids
6. Elephant Hook
7. Modern Art Circus Print
8. Ankara Dhurrie Rug
9. Yellow Dresser (paint a Craigslist/garage sale find or shop Etsy)
10. Babyletto Hudson Crib
11. Ferris Wheel Nightlight
12. Coral Circus Triangles Pillow
13. Giggle Basic Fitted Stripe Crib Sheet
14. Bananafish MiGi Little Circus Knit Blanket
15. Metal Accordian Side Table
16. Rockabye Bella Velvet Glider
17. Wall color: Farrow & Ball - Borrowed Light

P.S. Do you guys like it when I share these nursery boards? Cause I think they're really fun but if everyone's just rolling their eyes at this then I'll keep it to myself. :)


  1. I think they're awesome and creative. I was just thinking, "Man, she should be an interior decorator!" :)

  2. Super cute!

    And by the way, if you ever have a chance to see the "Zoppe Family Circus" (www.zoppe.net) you MUST go. It is very small and intimate and every seat is good, not creepy at all, and so much fun! We took our kids a couple of years ago and would LOVE to go again. Check and see if they ever come to SD, or maybe you can go here if you come for Christmas... they will be in Chandler Dec 26-Jan 6!

  3. Super cute!

    You MUST go see the Zoppe Family Circus when you are here at Christmas.... they will be in Chandler then. It will change your mind about the circus. Super fun! Small, intimate, not creepy at all. You'll love it, and so will your kids. :)

  4. I love that marquee letter! Ikea has some really cute circus baby stuff right now, like an adorable mobile with circus animals hanging from baloons: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50195769/

  5. No! No! Please don't stop! There's no eye-rolling here. They're fabulous!


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