September 19, 2012

hello seattle

Our trip to Seattle to visit my brother and his family was so fun! We got back last night and it's good to be home. We missed David something fierce. Some things I will miss about Seattle: the crispness in the air as the seasons begin to change, the giant trees that created a heavenly canopy over every road, the awesome toy cupboard under the stairs at my brother's house that William played in for hours, watching funny videos on Apple TV with my brother and sister-in-law after the kids were in bed, the Thai and Indian food, a trip to Target sans kids (haha! Isn't that mommy heaven?) having great conversations late into the evening with my sister-in-law and generally just spending time with family is always a win.

Also (because there are a few pictures to document this trip),
aren't these boys adorable? I was disappointed in the ginger cookie that I'd been dreaming of - it was stale(ish).
Going to Pike Place (one of my favorite places ever) and FINALLY getting delicious nectarines and peaches, drooling over the vibrant dahlias all over the place, eating Beecher's mac and cheese (even if I did "accidentally" flash every one in line while trying to nurse a fussy baby in the Ergo all while William dropped the blanket in the gutter which I picked up and shook off while splattering the woman behind me in gutter sewage mud - I am awesome)
Being able to take a short walk from my brother and sister-in-law's dreamy house and neighborhood over to this beautiful lake with a dock, a beach and a really fun playground with a beautiful park where they do Music in the Park in the summer. Jealous!
Seeing these two little buddies snuggle into Beck's bed every night for story time with Aunt Leone. And also seeing them pray together just about melted me into a pool of mother butter.
Going to Kelsey Creek Farm - the most charming little barns with chickens, sheep, horses, goats, bunnies and a fun playground hidden next to downtown Bellevue. Have you been there? It's amazing! And free since it's owned by the city! So cool.
I don't know when we'll be able to go back to visit, which makes me sad, but I'm so glad we got to go. Their neighborhood is kind of my dream neighborhood. I may or may not have imagined trick or treating down their street with William dressed as a ghost with a sheet draped over him and passing out candy apples to all the nice little girls and boys. Ha! I know it rains a lot in Seattle but those few months in the summer are almost like living in a dream. It was funny because I was nursing the baby in the mother's lounge at church along with a couple of other moms with babies. They mentioned that there was a family who had just moved into the area from Florida and how it must be hard to move from there to Seattle. I said that I lived in San Diego and I would love to live in Seattle. They thought I was crazy! I guess the grass is always greener. There's something good about any place, as long as you can find happy things in life but I wouldn't say no to some autumn leaves and apple cider mills!


  1. Man, I want the cooler weather to get here! Little boys in jeans and long sleeves and/or sweaters are just SO cute! It's still in the high 80's here and will be for a while.

  2. We moved from Southern CA, to TX, and then to Seattle - and the minute we got there we loved everything about it! First off, it doesn't rain as much a everybody (who doesn't live there) says. When it does it is usually misty...and summers are so amazing. The trees, the mountains, sigh! We are in upstate NY now and I miss Seattle so much.

  3. mother butter indeed. i'm so using that! ;) that place looks so dreamy.... glad you got a mini break!

  4. I am SOOOO happy you have family in Seattle. That means I get to see you when you come for family visits! Where did you get William's red striped sweater? So so so cute!!!

    YEs... Solo mom trips to Tarjay are heaven. HEAVEN!

  5. seattle is probably my favorite city ever. i love the trees + art scene.


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