September 28, 2012

hardly fall in the desert

I'm home (jiggity jig) and I'm super motivated to clean up this place and set up for Halloween. I'm feeling crafty people! This is big news cause I have not been motivated to do anything like that since the baby was born. It was fun to be in Arizona even if it was still pretty hot. My brother is in Germany for work so my sister-in-law brought her kids to my mom's house from Seattle while he was gone. The boys really wanted to spend all day on the trampoline and William had an allergic reaction to something outside so that made it rough but they still had a great time.

We visited my grandmother's grave on her birthday and also visited my sister's. I've never taken my boys to the cemetery and it was nice to think about her and talk about her.
Our last morning there William had a really wet diaper in the morning but I was busy packing up and hadn't changed him yet. Apparently, it was a REALLY wet diaper because it fell through his pants and was hanging there while he was playing outside. I took these pictures through the window from inside the house and was literally crying with laughter. His reaction was so funny when he noticed it.
My mom is so awesome and she watched the kids for us on more than one occasion so we could go to lunch, run errands and we even went on a double date with our big boys to Aunt Sarah's house to go swimming.
We took a picture of the boys (all born within a few months of each other). Remember how little they all used to be? They grow up so fast...


  1. awesome! :) i just laughed out loud!

  2. Oh! Hahahaha! That diaper has me laughing... Hilarious. Such a fabulous boy reaction, too. Haha!


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