August 17, 2012

lizzy tips: little babaji

I've decided to start doing a little segment called "lizzy tips". I've found that I have a ton of things that I'm crazy about that I want to share with you people, ranging from children's books to awesome artsy movies to great restaurants in various cities so I'm going to post about them whenever the urge strikes.
First I want to share a really great children's book that my sister gave me when I had Frederick. I grew up with "The Story of Little Black Sambo" (did you too?) and when she told me about this version of the story I was so excited! It's quite a bit more accurate to the true telling of the Helen Bannerman story because of the awesome authentic Indian names, colors and illustrations. The story is really great, but the illustrations - Oh, the illustrations! - they sweep you away and make you chuckle when reading to your kids. That's how children's books hook me.

The Story of Little Babaji by Helen Bannerman and illustrated by Fred Marcellino
this picture makes me laugh every time!

the book jacket is lovely too but I keep ours off because William tears them.


  1. I still have my Dad's copy, a much loved story from his and then my childhood - under a different name with different illustrations but exactly the same story. I'm excited to see this version and will be snatching one up soon!

  2. thank you for sharing. i like the little golden book version - which has 3 different sets of page numbers - some have black and white illustrations, some don't - but I am excited to read this one.

  3. thanks for sharing. i like the little golden books version - there are 3 sets of different pages - some have black and white illustrations in addition to color - some do not. i can't wait to read this, too.


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