August 30, 2012

celebrating another year

My birthday was very nice. The last couple birthdays have been kind of bummers and with my life situation right now I didn't think I'd get to do much. Luckily I have wonderful people in my life who really made my day great. I'm crying just thinking about how lucky I am to be surrounded by loving family and friends.

One of my friends offered to watch both my boys for the day. It was an incredibly kind gesture but since she also has two boys the exact same age, I just couldn't bring myself to leave both of them. So, I did take William over to her house (and he had a fabulous time playing on their slip and slide) while I met David for lunch at my favorite restaurant in San Diego, Cucina Urbana. Seriously every time we eat there, I like it more and more. We shared the fried squash blossoms filled with herb ricotta and purple basil pesto/lemon aioli + ceci bean hummus and piquollo pepper jam with grilled artisan bread + foraged mushroom pizza with braised leeks, taleggio and truffle oil + burnt brussels sprouts with sweet hot pepper sauce. It was such a delicious meal and so nice to go out with my man (and my sweet baby fellow).

After lunch I picked up William and went home to put the boys down for a nap. They gave me the best gift ever and both went to sleep at the same time. So I laid down to take a little snooze - it felt amazing, even if it only lasted 20 minutes before the baby woke up.

That night I went out with my best girls to D Bar. It was so fun to talk, laugh, eat and talk some more (and laugh some more too). I got the world's most enormous ice cream sundae. It actually wasn't that big but it came on this enormous platter and you constructed it yourself - which was really fun. Before we left I saw the owner and he looked so familiar to me. I was sure he was famous but I couldn't figure out from what. As we left the restaurant I asked one of the pastry chefs who he was and she said Keegan Gerhard (a judge on Food Network Challenge). I was so nerdy excited and as we met him at the door I exclaimed, "It's you!" He laughed and took our picture. He was incredibly nice and his restaurant was very good. I recommend it.
Carrie, me, Kristi, Ashley and Stephanie


  1. You deserve a happy day! So glad you enjoyed it! Happy Birthday!

  2. I love going to D bar and that sundae platter is truly impressive (which, my friends will tell you, I do not often utter such accolades). Glad you had a great birthday!

  3. Lizzy!!! Happy Birthday! I totally failed at August birthdays (my sisters was the 31st). I'm sorry. I hope you had a good day.

    By the way, I read your post on your struggles with PPD. I loved hearing your list of advice. I feel like its my mission to share with women that many women struggle with PPD or anxiety. I am grateful for the sacrifices of motherhood that sanctify us and bring us closer to God and more ready to rear our children...I think postpartum can definitely be categorized as one of those is so difficult to face.

  4. Belated birthday wishes heading your way!

    Looks like you had a lovely time with your friends, and just looking at that food is making my tummy rumble!


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