June 21, 2012

I would gladly be a hobo in this yard

One of my friends had a little brunch mom party the other morning at her house. This is a new friend and I'd never been to her place before so when I walked in and saw their amazing yard and deck, I was floored. Yards in San Diego amongst those I associate with is pretty rare in general, but this yard was so beautiful! Shaded by enormous trees with a huge deck overlooking Cowles Mountain and a pretty valley below. It was picturesque. I have serious backyard envy. Luckily, my friend is incredibly sweet and she has a son a month younger than William and another son just one day younger than Frederick. I hope she invites us over for more sandbox playing! 

1 comment:

  1. That is a particularly beautiful backyard!
    Funny. I know all about backyard envy. I have a friend who holds playgroup at her house and I luh-ove her backyard!


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