June 6, 2012

growing up: 2 months

Frederick had his two month check-up and shots yesterday. It's awful seeing your sweet baby cry but we got through it. I love his pediatrician and was happy to hear that Frederick is a healthy baby. He has changed so much in the last few weeks. They grow so rapidly when they're newborns and I love watching him become this little person but it makes me sad that he's growing out of each stage (and clothes).
He's quite the chunk (14 pounds is 90% for weight), much larger than William was at this age (he was in the 50-60%). They look so alike but Fritz's eyes keep getting more and more blue every day. His hair is getting lighter as well with a slight tint of red. He smiles and "goo"s at me while I nurse him. It melts me into a pool of butta. He is such a good baby. Very easy to please with either milk, snuggling or a nap. I feel so blessed to have his sweet personality in our family.


  1. Such a happy baby boy! I love the fist up like "Victory" :)

  2. He really is cute! Love his smile (-:

  3. He is absolutely adorable! Love this picture!


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