June 17, 2012

fathers day 2012

We had a nice and very chill Father's Day. David slept in a bit while I made him breakfast (my standby of veggie egg scramble and veggie sausage - we shared a piece of toasted sprouted bread with natural peanut butter on it as a treat. Ha!) Then he read the Father's Day cards we got him and got ready for church.  I snapped a few shots of my boys in their Sunday best. People say dressing boys isn't fun but I beg to differ.
The boys took naps after church (oh, blessed naps) so David and I actually got to spend some time together. It was a Father's Day miracle! And he even rubbed my feet for a second. Plus I got to take a nap. It was pretty awesome.

For dinner David grilled up some amazing carne asada with mini peppers and I made an avocado salsa, spicy Mexican cabbage slaw and we had some strawberries for dessert. It's amazing how sweet fruit tastes when a) it's in season and b) you haven't had sugar in almost two weeks. P.S. Before everyone asks for the carne asada recipe - it's premarinated from this amazing butcher in David's hometown that we buy. It's the best ever and he ships all over the world.
David is a great dad. He has had to learn a lot on the fly as the youngest of three and never really being around babies growing up. He is a lot of fun with William, works really hard to support our family so I can stay home with our boys (for which, I am eternally grateful) and sacrifices a lot to make me happy and to be the best dad he can be. I read a quote the other day that said, "Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice." I feel confident that my boys will turn out pretty dang awesome if that's true.


  1. oh man oh man you've got some cute boys in your life!

  2. So sweet. Sounds like a great day :) What a great looking bunch of boys you have!

  3. You have a very handsome family! You're a lucky gal.

  4. Yum! That carne has my mouth watering. We also can't go home without a visit to Rameys! :)


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