April 25, 2012

insert vampire joke here

I apologize for the grotesque nature of this post but I realized something the other day - jelly is disgusting. I really love peanut butter and jam or honey sandwiches but I was out of both and had a jar of blackberry jelly in my fridge so I thought I'd give it a shot. As I spread it jelly on the bread I realized the mistake . . . the nasty, congealed mistake. Holding my PB&J on a paper towel, I took a bite and the texture of the blackberry jelly made me a little sick but I powered through. Then I looked down onto the paper towel and saw that a plop of the jelly had landed on the white backdrop of my sandwich vessel. It looked like a blood clot and now I can never eat jelly again. And it's likely that now you won't be able to either. Sorry . . . or, you're welcome.


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