March 4, 2012

"are you otay, goats?"

While we were in Arizona last week my mom took my sister-in-law and me (+ kids) to the Phoenix Zoo. I haven't been to the Phoenix Zoo in years and it has improved greatly since the last time I was there. I'm pretty spoiled though because I have an annual pass to the San Diego Zoo and frequently use it and, let's get real, the San Diego Zoo is pretty phenomenal.

The one thing that I think the Phoenix Zoo has done better than the San Diego Zoo is the children's petting zoo area. It has a great, shaded playground, real-life tractors and a really cute barn and yard for the animals along with videos for the adults on livestock and a cute foot-pumped water faucet handwashing station. William loves petting zoos so he had a great time getting to know the goats.
He spent most of the time trying to get on the same level with them and get their attention (most were asleep). There were about 15 or more goats basking in the Arizona sunshine and William went up to every single goat and asked, "Are you otay, goat?" I died every time. I love my boy.


  1. "Are you otay, goat?" hahaha
    He is the cutest!!! I love the pictures of him trying to have eye contact with the goat!

    Regards from Barcelona.

  2. That is too friggin adorable! He is such a cutie pie.


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