February 22, 2012

thoughts about my mom

She never throws away her spices,
her dishwashing is quick and efficient.
She captivates children with stories made up
and creates tea parties out of nothing.
There's always homemade bread fresh out of the oven,
bananas and honey for putting on shredded wheat.
She whispers "you're beautiful" when you look your worst
and you can't help but believe she's sincere.
She never misses an opportunity to serve
or a chance to stop and talk or smile at someone.
She's a francophile who loves fancy food,
and calls herself a "flexitarian".
Her patience is obvious when you learn
she had eleven children and
her physique is a wonder when you learn
she birthed them herself.
She's a true lady who does
housework with her make-up on.
She's kind to everyone and uses her example
as her best tool to influence the many people she has.

It's a little early for a Mother's Day post but I find myself thinking about my mom more and more these days (especially since I'm headed "home" to visit next week). She's wonderful and marvelous and everything in between.


  1. I have always been so impressed with your Mother. I got to know her when we were VT companions. She always knew the smallest details about the ladies we visited. It was especially impressive when you know that they weren't really happy we were coming by. She genuinely cared for each woman and their lives. She was frequently armed with homemade bread, pizza or Texas caviar. She is faithful and dedicated. She is beautiful inside and out. It is my privilege to call her friend.

  2. I was tearing up a little on this post. Your mom is definitely one of the greatest women I know! I'm always so thrilled to tell people that she is my cousin!! Looks like she has a daughter very much like her. ;D

  3. I had no idea your mom spoke fluent French. Crazy. I'll have to chat it up with her at the next family party!

  4. Ha! No, Mel. A Francophile, as in, she has a love for all things French. She doesn't speak a lick.

  5. This describes mom perfectly. You got it exactly right Liz. :)

  6. Love your mom! And her bread and honey, and her tea parties! Wish I knew all her secrets !

  7. I have to agree! Your mother is a wonderful example to my mother and I....I love and admire her for all that she has done! Bonnie "K" Gilmore

  8. Post a picture of you and your mom. :)

  9. I absolutely love your mom. She is an extraordinary woman with so much elegance, love and compassion for others. I want to be like her when I grow up... seriously. :) You remind me so much of her, so maybe that's why I like you so much! Sweet post!


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