February 27, 2012

root beer floats for dessert

William and I are in Arizona this week visiting family and I'm loving it. Minutes after we arrived William made a bee-line for the "toy cupboard" at my parent's house. Then some of my siblings came over for a cookout (complete with root beer floats for dessert) and I laughed a good, deep belly laugh thanks to brother-in-law, Jay. It felt so nice. Bedtime arrived and GrandMary read stories to Beck and William and they listened, captivated. I told you - she has a gift.
We chatted with David tonight via FaceTime and William kissed the iPhone "goodnight" after showing Dad the new toys he found. It's nice to be here for a few days but we miss him. I have some awesome things to post about, which I'll do between shopping at my favorite stores, eating at my favorite restaurants and talking a lot with my sisters.

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