February 14, 2012

romance on the 14th

David and I spent last night in bed with a feverish, coughing, moaning two-year-old. When he wasn't coughing or moaning, he was saying things like, "Kipper! Arnold! Jake! Pig!" or "Ehhh, Ninnnne, Ten! Coming, ready or not!" It made me kind of laugh but it also kind of made me go, "William! Go to sleep!" We didn't get much sleep and when David left this morning at 4:30 like he usually does so he can go to the gym before work, he patted my foot over the covers so as not to wake up William who had his body draped all over mine . . . and that's how our Valentine's Day 2012 started.
one of my favorite pictures of my Sweet William.
I plan to make it up to him tonight with something simple but meaningful along with one of his favorite meals (shhh, it's a surprise!). I know everyone thinks they married the greatest guy but I really feel incredibly lucky. Something he does or says often makes me stop and wonder how I got so lucky to marry someone who suits my personality and needs the way David does. I love my tall, easy-going, handsome, ever-happy, Southern-California-loving, great-legged darling. If you can't be cheesy on Valentine's Day . . .
He's going to be so mad I posted this picture. So sue me if I think my man is attractive.

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