December 19, 2011

"i rub food in my hair back and forth"

William loves to rub his food in his hair? Do your kids do this too?
On Sunday he rubbed maple syrup for breakfast into his hair. Then for lunch he rubbed leftover soup broth into his hair. And for dinner, a bit of pasta sauce. Mmmm. Delicious!
He also thoroughly enjoys going into my bathroom, grabbing my brush and coming into wherever I am in the house and brushing my hair. The kid loves hair, what can I say?


  1. My 3 year-old does this and I don't know why. You're lucky Will has short hair. My little girl has long hair and she usually manages to coat a good portion of it.

  2. Tucker loves to put his used bowls/plates on his head like a hat. I find that left over milk makes decent hair gel. Nothing like a forced bath! (eye roll)


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