November 1, 2011

sunshine on a cloudy day

My friend, Kara, is having a baby so I offered to throw her a baby shower. The tricky part was that she isn't finding out the gender. I probably erred on the side of "boy" though, with all the blue, because that's my guess and can I help it that I painted my outdoor table blue? We played a little gender guessing game and it was fun to see how many people agreed with me. :) 
I'm happy to report that the food was pretty good. We had ham and potato bake (which my awesome friend, Jaimey, offered to make), a crudite platter with herb dip (I just put it together - no recipe), tiny fruit pizzas (sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting and sliced fruit), orange juice and sweet basil lemonade (again, my favorite drink on the entire planet).
I think the party turned out fun and it was great to spend time with my friends from my old ward. I miss them!


  1. so great - i love all the little designs. and the food looks so yummy!

  2. Beautiful shower! I love the colors and the labels in lemons! Brilliant idea!

  3. Thanks again for throwing a shower for Kara. That was so sweet of you! It was really fun to be there, and the food was delicious!!
    Kara's Mom

  4. It was the perfect party, Elizabeth. Loved the lemon labels and the fruit pizzas and the adorable decor. And of course, the basil lemonade. Seriously, can we make a stadium-sized vat of that stuff and swim around in it?? Forever?? :) Thanks for such a fun morning!


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