November 29, 2011

the right one

Choosing a Christmas tree is one of my favorite things. I don't think I'll ever be able to buy an artificial one because nothing compares to the real thing. The smell that fills your house for weeks is one of the main things that gets me in the holiday spirit. And choosing one that's bushy but not too bushy, tall but not too tall and filled in all the right places is such a fun tradition. We always buy a Noble Fir cause it's my fave.
William wasn't really fond of the process. It was pretty close to dinner time (whoops) and he was pretty cranky so our Christmas tree search was cut short. He spent most of the time making this lovely face.
And then I demanded a picture. After a few failed attempts at a smile, this one cropped up. He is so cute.
Then he hugged me like a monkey and wouldn't let go, which is no "rare treat" these days (#somebodysensesababyiscoming). 
Turns out we work best under pressure because we found, I think, the prettiest tree ever! Once we get it all trimmed and pretty I'll post pictures. Working on that tonight while watching our DVR Thanksgiving pile up.

*I apologize for all the cleavage in these shots. Ahhh, pregnancy.


  1. so cute! I love getting our tree too. Fresh all the way! I didn't know you could get it so early! Last year we got it around the 12th and it was looking a bit ragged on the big day. I guess it was just the tree we had. Can't wait to see yours all decorated up :)

  2. That's probably the thing I miss most being up at college. Ah, the smell. And William is pure adorableness.

  3. You look amazing, and I personally love the cleavage ; ) & William could not be any cuter!


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