November 23, 2011

hair and the perfect sandwich

The first time Will got a haircut was one of the cutest things I had ever seen. I just died over his huge brown eyes with this look of wonder. As each red lock was cut he began to look more and more like a "big boy". He didn't cry but he seemed uncertain about the whole event.

While we're here in Arizona we like to visit David's uncle, Don, the barber. He cut both my boys' hair but this time was not as easy as the first time. I had an idea that William wouldn't be as easy this time.
As soon as the clippers came out, he freaked. He cried and cried as I held his sucker, telling him that he could have it as soon as he had his haircut.
He was screaming something that I couldn't understand when finally I realized he was sobbing, "Canny!" Duh. I gave him his sucker and then he looked like this.
Candy is magic, apparently.

And then David and I took William home, laid him down for a nap and my mom stayed home so David and I could go to our favorite sandwich place for lunch. Oh, "It's About Thyme" sandwich - I love you so much. If you ever go to Gilbert, Arizona make sure you hit up Flancer's for this sandwich. Their french onion soup and goat cheese bruschetta is also fantastic.
I probably won't blog tomorrow . . . so HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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  1. That is hilarious! He remembered the candy from last time! Duh! Kids are so smart and remember way more than we think they do! That is too cute! It was fun seeing you guys on Monday! Can't wait for this weekend!


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