October 12, 2011

ten things . . .

I'm grateful for today:
1. that I can call my sisters any time I want.
2. morning sickness is gone.
3. a wedding ring that I still love.
4. the tasty smell of homemade bread.
5. hearing "mommy!" first thing in the morning (always makes me smile - even when I'm tired).
6. long enough hair to put in a pony tail.
7. Trader Joe's cottage cheese.
8. full panel maternity jeans.
9. thunderstorms.
10. peeling pistachio nuts and eating the meat.

1 comment:

  1. I am too lazy to look for it and I am sure you have it on here- what recipe do you use for bread?

    I love my wedding ring too. It is two-toned with white and yellow gold. And I especially love it because my husband picked it out without any tips from me.


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