October 27, 2011

celebrate the love of the one you're with

This has been a doozy week and I'm the kind of tired where I could really use a vacation. Except we just took a vacation so, you know, that's not going to happen. However, I have been very productive. I have a couple of fun and exciting things to blog about that are happening this weekend (a baby shower I'm throwing for a friend and a super awesome project that almost killed me but it turned out so amazing!) but not until next week. I promise I will share then.
I leave you with this picture from one year ago today when William's hair was a little out of control and a lot adorable. I couldn't bear to cut off his curl(s).


  1. Don't the years go too quickly - can't believe that was a year ago!

  2. Those are really cute shoes. Do they have soft soles? I can't find soft soled shoes for my wee one. Where did you get them and what size are they?

    Thanks for your cute blog!


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