October 17, 2011

bumpy and lumpy but not grumpy

Here's the thing about this pregnancy - it's completely different than my last. I wasn't prepared for how different it was going to be. Sure, I had heard that "every pregnancy is different" but when I was pregnant with William I didn't really pay attention to how amazing my hair was and that I didn't have a single blemish and that I generally felt pretty good. This time around my hair is falling out in droves, I have double the amount of zits I had in high school, I had horrible morning (riiiiight) sickness for weeks and generally feel really horrible about the way I look. To top it all off, I look like I'm six months pregnant when I'm really only (almost) four. It's so embarrassing that I generally don't want to leave the house. OK, now that I've complained . . .
Here's the best news. As far as I can tell, I'm having a healthy baby. That right there makes it all worth it. I'm also healthy and in a few months I won't be pregnant anymore. I'll have a sweet newborn to nurse (which is one of my favorite things about being a mom) and snuggle. I will be in control of my weight again and I'll be able to say "my kids". I've felt the first few flutterings of the baby's movement and it gives me "double" butterflies just to think about all the joy that's coming. The miracle of being pregnant is so mind-blowing and I'm just thankful I get to experience it.


  1. I'm pregnant with my first child and I will tell you that my favorite thing is to feel her kick! I could sit and stare at my belly for hours. I guess that makes up for the fact that I always feel like poo, I was SICK for 5 months straight, my headaches come on like freight trains, and I never feel good about how I look! I know where you are coming from!

    Wishing you a wonderful pregancy!!!

  2. I never understood why pregnant women always complain about their appearance until I was pregnant myself. Pregnancy is so "glamorous!" You feel so foreign to yourself that its hard to get comfortable in your own skin. Not to mention that many women feel down right awful much of the time. Just remember that everyone who encounters you is going to think you are the most beautiful thing they've ever seen - just like you think when you see pregnant ladies. You are growing life and there is nothing more radiantly beautiful than that! I'm not faulting you at all for feeling glamour-less. I've been there. Just keep in mind that you're the only one seeing what you see. Can't wait to squeeze your new baby! Love you!

  3. what a beautiful belly you have :) so happy for you that everything is going so well!

    many hugs,

  4. Is this a sounding board where I can talk about my pregnancies? Isn't this all about me? Oh good. My second pregnancy was my best. I was so hot. The checker I always went to at the grocery store thought I was such a sexy pregnant woman- the pervert told me all the time. My hair was luscious and I only gained 30 pounds. But the other two pregnancies weren't so grand. Fat fat fat, uncomfortable and sore all the time. And I cried everyday over things like scrambled eggs sticking to the pan and dropping a sock on the floor. It's funny how people say that you feel the same with a boy or a girl. But the good one was with a boy and the hard ones were both a boy and girl.

    So what do you think you are having? I really think that a mother can tell deep down inside.

  5. if it makes you feel any better, i totally look six months pregnant too - mostly at night. and i'm only 4.5. and it's only my first. and my ankle already started swelling, and i think i already gained all the weight i'm supposed to. haha! good thing i'm so grateful to be pregnant :)

  6. Not sure why people don't talk about it much, but it is completely normal to show VERY early with a 2nd pregnancy. I had to start wearing maternity clothes not long after I found out I was pregnant with my second child. I showed earlier with him than I did with my first pregnancy, which was twins. Your stomach muscles do not have the same tone after you've had a first baby. Let yourself off the hook and know that your normal and when you hold that sweet new baby it will all have been worth it.


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