September 2, 2011

growing up: 22 months

I realized that I haven't posted some of the things William has been doing lately and I really should since my baby book for him ended at 12 months.
- He loves brushing my hair. He used to be really into just standing behind me on the couch and patting my head but now he runs to the bathroom, grabs my brush and will brush and brush and brush. It actually feels pretty good . . . most of the time.

- He loves talking on the phone. Whenever he sees me talking on the phone he runs up and says, "Hi Dad!". He always thinks it's David.

- His favorite food is still cottage cheese. The other day I bought some and I had to hide it from him because he wouldn't stop eating it. When I put it away, he cries. You'd think it was candy!

- He says, "Otay Mom!" whenever I ask him to do something or if he wants something. "William, do you want to take a nap?" -- "Otay Mom!" It kills me.

- His favorite show is Kipper the Dog. I don't blame him. It's the cutest, sweetest show ever and if your kid doesn't watch it then I suggest you get them hooked. It's pretty much the only TV show that doesn't drive me nuts.

- He can count to two. Well, that's an exaggeration. If you put two toys in front of him, he'll say, "two" but I'm not entirely sure how excited I should get because he still says that when I put another toys in front of him.

- He can spot a train a mile away and can definitely imagine one up out of thin air. Whenever we drive places, he'll look out the window and yell, "Choo choo!" Sometimes there's a train and sometimes not.


  1. He is so cute... and he seems like such a wonderful boy, and his smile reflects a very sweet heart. ;)

  2. oh my that is such a cute show! And the hamster is darling, too :)

  3. Will is so adorable! My little guy is 29 months so I can relate! Choo-choo's are a big hit (obsessed with Thomas the Harold the Helicoptor) and as with Will, my little guy thinks everything is 'two'. So adorable. Thanks for the update!

  4. My almost three old also LOVES Kipper. Bless Netflix for having so many instant play Kipper shows!


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