August 22, 2011

the m.a.n.

Happy Birthday to my little brother, Marticus Tortipus (or more boringly known as "Marcus"). I wish I could say that I was a fantastic older sister to him when we were growing up. Mostly, as the tenth of eleven children, I used what little "power" I had over him to tease him, be annoyed with him constantly and he swears he even has fingernail scars on his arm from me when I was ten. I don't remember that (probably repressed guilt) but I do remember when I started liking hanging out with my little brother.
picture taken by his lovely wife. mustache added for comedic effect.
I was about 15 and Marcus was just entering his teenage years. We were the last two children at home and I started to notice that my brother was unusually cool and interesting. Instead of roaming the neighborhood with his gangly friends and kicking rocks, he would want to sit down at the kitchen table all night and talk about the world. Instead of watching a stupid sitcom on TV, he would turn on the Discovery or History Channel. Instead of reading juvenile fiction he read Dinesh D'Souza. The most unusual part? He wasn't a nerd.

Then he married this really amazing girl who we're all quite smitten with. They are an unusual, unique and perfect pair. Sometimes I look at them and go, "Really? REALLY!" because they're so adorable. 
Here's my favorite funny story about my brother, Marty, that totally illustrates his personality (in my opinion). I've already told it before but it deserves repeating:
- When we went to Ireland a few years ago, Marcus bought a flute (more of a recorder really) as a souvenir on one of the first days in the country and he was determined to learn a song on it. When Marcus sets his mind to something, he does it. So, for the next several days, hour after hour, Marcus taught himself to play "Scarborough Fair". He finally perfected it and I laughed as we sat on this stone wall, overlooking the Irish Sea, as my brother played his flute with such dedication knowing full well that he was dreaming and thinking the same things as me (it's lovely tune, really).
And then he did this and I laugh every time.
Happy Birthday bruder dear!


  1. such a cute post. There aint' nothin like sweet sibling love.

  2. you are blessed to have such cool siblings whom you genuinely like. i'm thankful for that every day myself.

    OH by the by, Marc and I will be in San Diego (staying downtown at the U.S. Grant) sometime Sept 7-9th? I think? Wed-Friday and we'd love to have dinner with you and Dav-O.

    Our kids will not be accompanying us. I'll be in touch!

  3. Your family is cool. I think it is totally rad that he learned to play that song on the flute. Must have made your Ireland trip so much more authentic! Even though I don't really know him, Happy birthday Marcus! I do think that he has one cute wife! What an adorable couple they are! ;)


  4. Such a nice post! I think he's pretty cool as well.


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