August 7, 2011

home again, home again, jiggity jig

We just returned home from our summer exodus of 2011 (first New Mexico for Bluewater Days, then a few days at my family cabin and then finished off at David's family cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona). I am beat. And ready to never leave my house again. I know that feeling won't last but it feels incredibly nice to be home with all my things, where I know the smells and everything feels cozy. Of course, coming home after a vacation to San Diego is no trial either. Ha!
If you're looking for someone to sing praises of Arizona, look elsewhere. I just can't handle the summer heat. Months of 100+ degree weather doesn't bother everyone (a lot of my family included) but not me. I am a grump for six months straight. However, if you're under the impression that Arizona is only full of cactus, rattlesnakes and haboobs then you'd be wrong. Just look at these pictures.
We didn't do much except relax, take walks on the golf course, watch movies and have a picnic at Paradise Creek. It was beautiful and William had a wonderful time throwing rocks in the water. Of course, he fell in but then he was happy again as soon as someone handed him a particularly large stone.
highlight: this picture of David's dad napping on a small cliff. hilarious. oh dads. they're so funny.
It was cool and beautiful. Now I'm going to bed.
William enjoyed seeing the "chows".


  1. We have that blue plaid shirt for Calvin and love it! Last Chance?

  2. I just discovered your blog and I love it! You have a gorgeous family and a great eye for photos. Thanks for sharing!


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