August 2, 2011

cousins (human and canine)

William has had an amazing time with his cousins at the ranch. I felt bad because I didn't play with him for hours because he was having such a blast with his cousins but my ability to play pales in comparison to theirs! Other than his human cousins his constant companion was Jimmy.
climbing the stairs, again and again and again.
We were all dying of laughter when William was following Jimmy around, grabbing his stub tail and saying, "Poopy?"

When he wasn't playing with the older kids or Jimmy, William and Beck were fighting over a light saber and playing checkers. I loved watching him interact with my family and delighting over how cute and social he is (when well-rested, that is).

Now we're at the cabin with Erin and her boys. It is so beautiful and green! We've had thunderstorms every day. I miss David but he's joining us on Friday. Hooray!

By the way, I just found out about Instagram and I'm hooked. If you want to follow me, my username is elizabethbryant (and please do because it will make me feel cool).
William - chillaxing on the front porch rug.

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