July 27, 2011

traveling the southwest

We're off to Bluewater Days! David can't be there this year (boo) but I'm so glad to be spending time with my loved ones at the family ranch. I just hope it's as green and pretty as it was last year!
last year at the ranch - William was so little!
I'm hoping that this year brings:
- lots of play time with cousins for my sweet Fitz.
- swinging on the front porch during a rain storm.
- quad rides.
- decent naps and sleeping in even with no blackout curtains and 9-year-old boys running up and down the stairs at the crack of summer dawn.
- many games of Take Two, Red Vines eating and book reading in the afternoon.
- craft and sewing time with my sisters.
- eating the harvest (swiss chard, corn, squash and so much more!)
- a classic family variety show.
- a roaring bonfire up on the hill with singing and guitar playing.
- the grand finale: the family-famous firework show with Jay's movie-theme soundtrack blaring.

From the ranch, I'm going to our family cabin in Arizona for a few days with my dear, dear friend and cousin, Erin, and then to David's family cabin (ironically just 10 minutes from my family's cabin - all these years!) for a few more days. We've had a busy year with traveling and guests and we only have a few weeks of normalcy until we're back at it again before the holidays! No matter - it's going to be fun!

I'll try to post a bit while I'm gone but I make no promises.

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  1. Have so much fun at the ranch and I'll see you on Sunday!!! Whoop whoop! I can't wait!


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