July 4, 2011

independence day 2011

Another delightful Independence Day in San Diego. We started the day with a very fun and patriotic tour of the USS Midway. It's a San Diego landmark and I had never been. I'm glad we went. It was fun and interesting and it was nice to do something like this on a day when we should be celebrating and thinking about the sacrifices of those who give so much to keep our country safe and free.
After returning home for a (too short) nap, we had homemade hamburgers (question: do you form your own or buy them pre-made) and summer fruit salad on the patio along with Aunt Beth's whoopie pies for dessert. A quick clean-up and we raced off to Cornado Island. I love this spot. We brought blankets, chairs, shrimp cocktail, crudites, hummus and drinks. We also brought some games to play if we got bored but mostly William kept us entertained with his adorable antics, like wrestling with Grandpa and being modeling his hat very cute-like.
David did some smart parking and had us in the perfect spot for a quick getaway. It took us a whole 30 minutes to get home. Another lovely Independence Day in San Diego!


  1. I usually form my own patties...no rhyme or reason to it...just usually how I do it. :)

  2. love the pictures! can we start planning the burger party for 2012 please? i am all for making em btw, and maybe its cause i like making turkey ones too. yumtown.

  3. I have been a follower of your darling blog for a little while now. And 2 Sundays ago, while visiting my brother's ward in San Diego, I kept looking at this girl sitting in front of me in Sunday School trying to figure out why she looked familiar. It wasn't until after we got home from church and I spoke with my brother, and realized who you were! You are just as cute in person as you are here on your blog ♥

  4. this last kills me. he is perfection.


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