May 23, 2011

cowles mountain hike

David and I are super excited about hiking lately so we drove a couple of miles from our house and hiked up Cowles Mountain (the highest point in the city - about a 1.5 mile hike up to the nearly 1,600 foot summit). I won't lie and say it was beautiful (like how it would be if we were hiking in Hawaii or British Columbia) because San Diego is still the desert and you all know how I feel about the desert. But I can still see the beauty in the desert, it's just harder. :) Anyway, the hike was difficult but satisfying.
William loved seeing the world around him from the hiking pack (he even fell asleep near the end with his little head bobbing up and down with David's every step). He says "cheese" now when I take his picture. Hmmm. Somebody once said you should know you're taking too many pictures of your kid when they start to pose but I can't help it! He's just so cute and I would rather have too many pictures than not enough. You know?


  1. You can never take too many photos of your children! You will never regret having a ton, but you would definitely regret NOT taking enough.

  2. oh my gooooooodness! william is getting so old and as always, soooo cute. love these pictures :)


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