April 11, 2011

road trip!

We had a mini-vacation this weekend with my two best girlfriends and drove up to Aarean's parents house - about an hour away. They live in a beautiful house with a beautiful, huge backyard.

William and Boston played on the hammock, splashed in the pool (didn't you know it's the coolest thing ever?) and then we took them in the hot tub. They picked lemons, walked on the pool table, played basketball on the sport court and then posed for pictures. So cute.
After we put the kids to bed we had grand ideas of doing fun things for our "girls night" but we ended up just making rice krispy treats, watching American Idol in front of a roaring fire and talking. Of course, I fell asleep on the couch before midnight - I don't think I've ever made it past midnight at any slumber party I've been to.
The next morning Aarean made us pancakes (she's so domestic - and gorgeous even without makeup on!) and then we went to the mall and did some shopping before we headed home. I love these girls and I don't know what my life here would be like without them both. Let's hope I don't have to find out for a long time!


  1. xoxoxoxoxo love girls weekends. :-) you didn't mention that we all snuggled and slept in the same bed. lol. haha KIDDING kidding.

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  3. XoXoXo from me too! It was very fun, for the girls and boys!


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