April 4, 2011

growing up: 17 months

It's amazing how much William has grown up this month. I can hardly believe how much older he seems. Basically, this month has been a huge turning point with our communication and I feel like my baby is really turning into a boy. It's so bittersweet but it's also fun to watch him learn things and become interested in learning to do things by himself. He is so proud when he accomplishes something (and give himself a rousing round of applause when he does) and that makes me happy. I want him to always be confident in his abilities. 
At this point:
- he is learning his manners. The other day I gave him a chip and he said, "Say soo". I almost died.
- he wants me to play with him all the live long day. I think a lot of it has to do with the move and not knowing where his toys are in the new house but he's really into playing games with me lately.
- his favorite food is still cottage cheese. A couple of weeks ago he ate just shy of a whole pound in one sitting.
- his vocabulary has doubled. He now says "hey", "hi", "hi mom", "hi dad", "what's this?", "what is that?", "up", "yes" and others. I love hearing his little voice.
- he is so affectionate. He's always been a snuggler but lately he'll just come up to me mid-play to give me a hug and kiss and then run off and play. It melts me deep down to my toes every single time.
- he is so independent. He's never been a very picky eater but now he's very picky about how he eats. He'll eat almost anything I give him as long as he can feed himself. I can deal with that.


  1. I think if I was a kid, I'd eat anything you gave me too... just because everything you make always looks so good! ;)

  2. It's so fun how alike him and Parker are! He does a lot of the same things right now. I absolutely love when he gives me a random hug and kiss while he is playing! And he also has to feed himself now... its harder for the parents but cute that they want to be independent. William is just a doll. I sure miss him. It's been too long since him and Parker have played together! Give him a big kiss for me!

  3. I would also melt down to my toes if I was a mother and a kid of mine did that. It's so so so very sweet!

  4. Love this picture of him! How sweet! It is sure to be a treasure for a lifetime!


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