April 28, 2011

a girl's trip

Sorry I've been so out of it lately. Since computer dear died I have been computerless for days! It's been horrible . . . horribly nice that is. I've only had an iPhone to return e-mails so I haven't. Sometimes it's nice to be technologically disconnected. It's still not fixed and putting this post together took at least two DVR shows. That's how dedicated I am. Anyway, enough complaining. My mom and sisters came to visit last week and it was amazing. Seriously I loved having them here so much! They arrived on Wednesday and we sat around and relaxed for the afternoon and my mom had us all cracking up while she sat like this as she read her book.
Yes, my mother who has given birth to eleven children and has 39 grandchildren. After we laughed a lot and got settled in I used what I had in my fridge to make these delicious babies for dinner. I love cooking for my family because even if I just slapped some leftovers on a plate they would still "oooh" and "aaaah" over it. After dinner it was so fun to sit down with blankets and turn on Wives & Daughters with other girls who love and appreciate 19th century mini-series movies as much as I do.

The next day we headed over to Seaport Village and looked at the shops and even considered getting our palms read by the crazy lady on the boardwalk (who knew it was so expensive?). Grandmary and William had a great time pushing a wooden airplane back and forth on the table and had him in stitches. Oh, the simple joys of an 18-month-old. I love seeing him spend quality time with my mom. It kind of made my heart swell.

Dinner at Kebab Shop and then we headed over to Balboa Park for some pictures, including this awesome one of the most beautiful garden.
We had to take this picture to send to my gardener sister so she would feel jealous of the trip and want to come visit. Does that sound manipulative? Cause it was totally meant to.
Our last day we spent on Coronado Island. We ate caramel and dark chocolate ice cream, looked at the gorgeous vegetable garden at Hotel Del, shopped at the cute boutiques and had the best hamburgers at my favorite burger joint in San Diego. But the highlight of the day was when my sister and I were walking a few yards behind my mom and other sister, deep in conversation, when all the sudden a tall, muscular, tan, blond guy on a beach cruiser stops and starts hugging my mom. It was the strangest thing and I said, "Who's that hot guy hugging Mom?" Turns out it was my sister-in-law's brother who was vacationing with his family but we had a good laugh about how only my gorgeous 60-something mom could get hit on.
And we also went to Extraordinary Desserts (duh) and overdosed on amazing chocolate cakes. I love the girls in my family. It really rejuvenates me to spend time with them.


  1. Oh how fun! Your mom is so beautiful. I think your sister in the first photo with you looks like Teri Polo... I am glad you all were able to spend time together.. nothing like family time.

  2. Some times is so fun to be disconnected! I get so much more done that way. Enjoy your mama!

  3. Sisters are the absolute best!

  4. Ahh...good times Liz! It was so good to visit you, David and William. You have a way of making everything fun, whether it is an outing, a house tour, trip to an ethnic market or a new restaurant, or your delicious cooking and visiting at home. We loved every minute of it. I miss you! Love, Mom

  5. I'm sooo bummed I missed it! Let's do it again so I can come next time.

  6. It was perfect fun! I can't wait to do it again!

  7. oh my! i'm so jealous. it looks like you girls had so much fun. too bad my parents had to leave on their mission that same week :(
    and hello! i want that cake, i remember it from last time...YUM

  8. What a fun trip!!! I love girl time! I want to come visit you REALLY BAD!!! Your mom is right-- you do have a way with making everything so fun! I love being around you because you ALWAYS make me laugh and you make everything so much fun! Love you Lizzy!


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