March 14, 2011

still scared of the dark

I was a childless mother last weekend and it was really strange. Nice, but strange. Since we're moving on Friday (!) we had a few things that needed to go in storage in David's parent's storage unit (about an hour and a half away). I wasn't able to go with him because I couldn't miss my church meetings on Sunday. David offered to take William with him on Saturday afternoon so that his family could spend time with him and also so I could pack and do some projects without worrying about our boy. However, other than vaccuming out my car, I mostly played at my friend's house until really late at night and then got too scared to sleep by myself so I slept on their couch. Yes, I'm a wimp. I wish I would have used my time more wisely but, when I think about it, it was nice to be footloose and fancy-free for 24 hours.

Plus, I think William had a great time with at grandma and grandpa's house. They let him do fun things like "help" make homemade chocolate chocolate chip ice cream

and get soaking wet while "watering" the flowers.
A little boy's dream? I think so.

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