March 7, 2011

life is beautiful in socal

It makes me happy to decide to take a drive on a Saturday afternoon and to end up at the beach just minutes before the sunset. 
Sorry for the crummy iPhone photos.
It makes me happy to take a walk down the cliffs with the boy on his dad's shoulders as we soak in the last of the day's sunshine. William was amazed at the waves crashing against the rocks and we breathed delicious balmy air with our eyes closed (at least I did).
It makes me happy when William uses David's ears and hair as his personal reigns and gouges out his eyes while he's on his shoulders. We both laugh pretty hard when he does this.
It makes me happy to be back at the place where we took a few engagement shots, before our life together started. To have our little boy with us at the place where we smiled such hopeful grins about our future. I love these cheesy smiles on our faces because I know now that we were right be so happy for what lies ahead.

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