March 28, 2011

it's good to touch the green, green grass of home

I'm in love with our new house and neighborhood. There are a ton of wonderful little details that I just grin at all day long and it makes me so happy. Living in an apartment for two years really makes you appreciate the small things. I want to remember all the little details of this house so here are ten things that I'm loving right now. P.S. I've made great progress on decorating this space so I promise to post a few pictures this week. It looks just like I wanted it to!
1. Wood floors throughout the house, except there's slate in the kitchen and bathrooms. No more carpet to clean! It's like heaven on earth.
2. The gas stove has a middle burner that's long so I can actually use my griddle pan and have it heated through!
3. The water pressure is awesome. I can fill up vases, pots for cooking and William's bathtub in about half the amount of time as it took in our last place but I do have to be careful not to use too much when I'm washing dishes.
4. The concrete on the front porch is painted (it looks so much more complete than if it was left unpainted).
5. Our mailman (Greg) walks from house to house and delivers the mail in our little black mailbox on the porch. He's been delivering the mail on this street for 30 years and told me all about the history of our house.
6. Our new ward has a large and amazing choir. I was grinning from ear to ear while listening to their performance at church on Sunday. I think I'll join.
7. Two orange trees and one Meyer lemon tree in our backyard. The oranges are juice oranges but I'm not picky. Plus, there's two lovely blooming rose bushes and a mystery tree that I think may be a plum tree. I also planted lots of pots including strawberries, two varieties of tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, hydrangeas and geraniums.
8. Light! Our last apartment was so dark and I felt like I had to have lights on in the house during the day. It was especially hard on David who loves natural light and I love pulling the drapes open first thing in the morning and saying to William, "What a beautiful day!" When we do have lights on there is recessed lighting throughout the kitchen and living space. What a difference that makes!
9. We have an ice cream truck that comes down our street. I love it out of principle more than practicality.
10. The window above the kitchen sink where I hope to someday be able to watch William play outside while I do the dishes. William isn't confident enough in the backyard to play by himself. He still wants me to watch him push his trucks around in the dirt, blow bubbles and hold his hand as he discovers at the corners of the yard, but we're getting there.


  1. That all sounds lovely. Can't wait to see the pics. LOVE the floor to ceiling (almost) windows in the front room.

  2. ditto on the front windows. Love them! (and the red door)

  3. I am a closet reader...maybe I commented a year ago! I love your new place and look forward to your handiwork with the decor! As a transplanted Mesa girl myself, I envy your citrus trees. I somehow ended up in frozen Utah! I believe that lovely rose is a Double Delight, one of my favorites. If it has an amazing scent then it most likely is. Enjoy it for me!

  4. I love the house! So exciting! We're in Cali now too (the Inland Empire area) and I've been dying to get into a house myself and out of this dark apartment... :( I'm praying something as cute as your place is in store for us too! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  5. That wall of windows is BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy it!

  6. congratulations! the house looks really amazing. i LOVE those windows! and the yard looks beautiful too.

  7. Ditto on loving those amazing windows. I don't know why they don't make that a standard feature in every home. Looks like a lovely home!

  8. Yeah,having a nice backyard is also one of my dream.My mom inspired me to have a mini garden when i was young and still pursuing that dream :D

    Emy from


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