February 4, 2011

growing up: 15 months

At this point he:
- is officially on the one-nap schedule. The heavens have opened, you guys.
- loves to stack everything. Jars, bottles, cups, bowls. It's very amusing.
- has really bonded with his stuffed doggy. He likes to hold him close and snuggle at bedtime (this is new).
- has relinquished his title as "victim" and become the "perpetrator". It's very embarrassing. I know it's just the age but it's hard because the whole sharing thing is such an abstract thought for his man baby mind.
- enjoys sneaking in the cupboards while I make dinner and pulling out his snacks, which results in my saying, "not before dinner", which results in crying and screaming. It's lovely. I should go move those.
- loves these books best: I Love Trucks, The Big Red Barn, The Real Mother Goose (I could probably read him all 128 pages in one sitting if I didn't get so tired).
- is a CLIMBER! I can't say how many times he's fallen off the couch, the leather chair, our friend's bed (which is thankfully lower than ours) and . . . the newest pursuit . . . the sideboard! He likes to climb up on the chair, put his trains on top and climb up so he can push them around. I think he learned this from one of his friends. Ahem. :) One time he climbed up when I was in the other room and fell off. He hasn't tried that stunt again.
- is really developing his personality. David and I were just commenting about how it seems that we've seen such a growth in this area this month. Will is showing more of his attitude about life, expressing humor in the funniest ways and really pushing the limits of what his body can do. It's very fun to watch and we love him every minute!

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