January 10, 2011

the merry year is born

Before I forget, here's our New Year celebration. My sister had a party for the kids (cousins) at her house. I was debating whether or not we should go because we would have to bring William, who goes to bed around 6 or 7 pm. After a lot of convincing we took him and within a few minutes of the football game, he fell asleep in David's arms (I can't blame him). Then David made a little nest of pillows on my sister's bedroom floor for him to sleep inside. He was very comfy.

Once the babe was asleep it was a lot more enjoyable to celebrate! My sister, mom, David and I worked on a puzzle and munched on carrot sticks, cookies and this:
brie en croute
An old recipe (not really a recipe - more of a concept really) from my internship at Blue Hill Country Club. I topped a block of brie with brown sugar and dried cranberries and then wrapped the pastry dough over it and baked. Served up with crackers, it felt very festive.

After a while Marcus and Ashley came in their so, way, totally awesome 80's themed New Years Eve Party attire (say that ten times fast!) My brother had come over early in the evening to borrow our mother's white jeans as part of his ensemble as Alex Fletcher from PoP! - I mean, Music & Lyrics (have you seen the video?). Marcus did a few moves that had us all laughing really hard. Ashley was dressed up as Jem and it was really, "truly outrageous" and I was "never the same" after seeing her in all her non-hologram glory. Their costumes blew my mind but then, everything they do blows my mind.

P.S. The Jem video totally reminds me of one of my other favorite videos by the Canadian pop-star Robin Sparkles. 

David and I shared another sweet New Year's kiss and then directly drove home with our groggy baby and went to bed. We were beat cause we were partying with all my 10-year-old nephews. It was a fun way to ring in the new year.
2011 Resolutions:
- eat at least 2 fruits and 3 vegetables a day.
- stop weighing myself compulsively (or at all). Loved this blog post.
- look for more ways to serve.
- say a prayer at least one a week for all that I'm grateful for. And that's it.
- finish our Go See Do project.


  1. That brie looks divine...and brown sugar and cranberries to boot??? I'll have to try that. Happy New Year!

  2. We started our "ABC" dates in October 2009 when we first moved here. To date, we are only up to F. Sad, I know. If we ever catch up to you and Dave, maybe we can do one together. :-)

  3. I love Robin Sparkles too!! HIMYM is a great show! Cute pics :)

  4. Hi Elisabeth!
    I've been reading your blog for a while. I discovered it from Nienie.
    I like the way you write and your pictures also. Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

    By the way, I like Robin Sparkles too. And that song... thanks for making me laugh, been a long time since the last time I saw it.

    I agree with another commenter here, the brie "bread" looks pretty delicious!

    A reader from Spain.

  5. hahah this post is awesome! thanks lizzy <3


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