January 27, 2011

the last word

I just read this post that I wrote on my old blog on 12.06.05. It had me laughing pretty hard so I wanted to post it again. I love my niece.
Mary and her favorite aunt
Conversation between my niece, Mary (four-years-old at the time), with a woman at Disneyland:

Lady: Hi honey! What's your name?
Mary: Mary. What's your name?
Lady: Katherine. Can you say "Kath-er-ine?"
Mary (raised eyebrows): Katherine.
Lady: Gooooood. Your hair is so pretty. Did your mommy do it?
Mary: Yes. It's in two braids. Can you say "two braids"?
Lady (flushed): Two braids . . .
Mary: Goooood.


  1. haha - kids say the cutest things! :)

  2. oh my goodnss I love some of the things that come out of their precious mouths SO dang cute!

    Donna from Massachusetts

    ps freezing and snowy here wish I were THERE!!!

  3. That's one of my favorite moments! Jay and I crack up about it anytime anyone says anything about braids. :) Mary has no idea that it was funny. I don't think she remembers it anyway.

  4. WOW.....does anyone else see William in her?

  5. I have laughed about Mary's answer for a long time. Love, Dad


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