December 20, 2010

go see do: i is for ice skate

Did you think we forgot about our Go See Do project? Well, you'd be wrong if you did! I've been waiting for a free weekend to finally press on with our next letter. I love doing this because it forces us to get out and do something on the one free day that we have to spent together as a family. We tend to be a bit boring sometimes and do the same things (walking around Costco) so it's really nice to have a sort of "goal" to try new things.
William was really into our waitress.
The letter was I so we started the day with Indian food for lunch. Garlic naan, lamb tikka masala and chicken vindaloo - all our favorites . . . but the restaurant was really disappointing. Oh well. I'm moving on. I wish San Diego had a delicious Indian restaurant like Taste of India in Seattle. What I wouldn't give for a place like that . . .
it looks good, huh? don't be fooled. it was mediocre at best.
Then we drove to La Jolla to go ice skating. I figured that we could switch off with William but when we saw the prices and thought of the logistics of switching off a wiggly toddler on very unsteady, slippery ice David decided to just take pictures from the stands. I hadn't been ice skating in 12 years and I was really nervous. I'm a very cautious person (or "whimp", whatever you want to call it) especially when it comes to getting physically injured. My heart was beating really fast and the first two laps around the rink I held onto the railing like it was my life line.
I wasn't the only one doing this.
After I started to get comfortable on the ol' skates I found David and Will, who was very excited to see me. I was a nice mom and pressed my face against the glass so he would laugh. David took a picture and this is the attractiveness you get:
Once I was back on unfrozen land we stopped at Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream. I think I mentioned that William is doing this screaming thing. Well, it has improved a lot since he's beginning to understand "please" but I think people were either a) appalled that I was giving my toddler ice cream or b) annoyed that he screeched for a bite every two minutes or c) they were parents themselves and they were either entertained or sympathetic. Oh well. I've learned to accept that outsiders can't understand what it's like to be a parent until they've been one.
This is just one more perk to living in San Diego. It's chilly outside (which makes me happy) but I had no problem eating a small scoop of Chocolate Therapy and a small scoop of Peppermint Schtick (which I wish they had all the year round). This picture says it all.
P.S. I promise David was there too but for some reason there is zero photo documentation of his presence . . . except for the fact that he took all the pictures. It's a shame I didn't snap one shot of him. His outfit was particularly dashing.


  1. We have an Indian Food restaurant that we really love. It's a hole in tha wall, not a nice as the place you all went to. But I love there Chicken tikka masala! It's called Tandoor and it's in the off Friars Rd in the Ralph's shopping center. We like it maybe you guys will to??

  2. In the first picture there is a glimpse of your hubby's hand so I guess I believe he was there.

    Oh and your outfit was particularly cute as well! love it :)


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