November 10, 2010

grandmary & grandpapy

When my parents were here for William's birthday we went to the zoo. It was one of the first times I've let William roam around out of his stroller and he was in heaven. We went to the orangatans who were right in front of the exhibit and William pressed his hands against the glass. We laughed about how he was proof that we are ancestors (the red hair and all).

Then we spent almost half an hour at the hippos. They were so interesting to watch plus it was shady and cool as we ate our sandwiches from Deli Llama (try their flying trapeze panini - yum).
The elephants are always interesting at the San Diego Zoo. Since they opened their new exhibit, Elephant Odyssey, you can view the elephants almost at an arm's reach. It's really cool. We got lucky with a few of the animals that day, including the giant pandas who they released just as we walked up to the exhibit. They immediately ran towards the bamboo and started ripping it to pieces. For such "cuddly" bears, it was quite terrifying to see what they're capable of.
That night we met David at our new favorite bonfire spot on Mission Bay. I have never seen my parents roast marshmallows (that I can remember) so it was funny to watch my mom delight over her nutella s'more(s).
I really love that my parents came to visit. Growing up, I worried a lot about my children not having a relationship with my parents because they are so much older than most of my friends' parents. Since I'm at the end of my family I hardly remember anything about my grandparents when they were living and I know that's a sad thing for my mom and dad. But I have to remember that I know how remarkable my grandparents were because of my parents and all they've taught me.

Plus, I am so grateful that we have the camera technology that we do so we can capture memories like these! I love that I will be able to show my children the times that they had with their aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins.

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  1. I know your parents have 'many' grandchildren, but they love them all and 1st birthdays a state away are still important to them. I know, because I attended a benefit at THEIR house while they were gone to William's first birthday... I was impressed!! Looks like it was a terrific day at the zoo!


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