September 2, 2010

growing up: 10 months

Our little "Fox" is 10 months old today! We love him so much though this has been a rough month. He's been growing some particulary painful teeth, has dealt with a bout of constipation and then the reverse, a week of high temperatures, an Emergency Room visit, a new sleep pattern and lots of tumbles off furniture from his adventures in climbing. Through it all, we love him more and more each day!

19 pounds (40%)
30 inches (97%)

At this point he:
- Says "duh" (duck), "dah" (dog), "dada", "mama" (only when he cries in desperation) and "no no no" (when I take something away from him that he can't have).
- Makes a new funny face where he squints his eyes and purses his lips (we think he's trying a new smile).
- Is learning to sleep independently (sigh - *see "says mama"*).
- Still happy to crawl, walk with the help of one hand and cruise along the furniture to get where he wants.
- Loves to climb on our blue leather chair as a sort of Mt. Everest - he's always very proud of reaching the top and stands there, squawking, until I notice and praise him.

People comment on:
How much he looks like his dad.
The curls that form around his ears.
His big eyes that are oozing with sweetness.


  1. I can't get over how cute he is, and I can't believe he is 1! Miss you guys, hope you get to come over real soon :)

  2. oh my goodness i want him & J to meet so badly! i'm sure they would be best friends.

  3. His curly hair is so adorable!!!!!! I can hardly stand looking at his pictures. I want to squeeze him so bad!!!!! Where is this picture in your house? I don't recognize the background. It looks totally cute. I would love to see more of this room.


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