July 1, 2010

risque business

Will and I went swimming with Erin and Parker while we were in Arizona. Well actually she did my hair while we dealt with my screaming child, then we went to Cafe Rio. The next day we went to Tia Rosa's for beef tacos and then we went swimming at her in-law's house. Lunch - twice in two days. What can I say? We love food.

We are cheesy and we each took pictures of each other with our boys. Alas, my picture needed to be censored as my swim top was showing some of my "mom cleavage". Know what I mean? And my hair looks really stringy. Maybe I should embrace it and try to copy Ali.

And Erin looks perfect, as ever.


  1. Where did your friend find her swimming suit? I WANT it BAD!!!

  2. ha ha ha ha! I laughed so hard when I saw how you censored your cleavage!!!!! That was awesome!!! :) I had fun hanging out with you last week! Good times. Good times.

  3. You are so beautiful and your hair is so cute (not stringy)!


  4. Erin ALWAYS looks beautiful! And stringy hair is so in right now so definitely embrace it ;)


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