July 30, 2010

new tricks

This kid is loving these metal bowls that his Grandma Bryant found at their beach condo - which is where we've been spending our days this week.

I think David is really excited to be sharing this with his son. His family has been coming to this same condo since before he was born and he has so many fond memories here.

Next week is Bluewater Days at the ranch. We didn't go last year and I was sad to miss it. Can't wait!


  1. OMG how fun!!!! :-) Can I just eat william I mean really though?!?!

  2. Precious pictures! Have so much fun next week! I hope you start feeling better fast!!! :)

  3. So cute. I just posted a picture of my son doing the same thing last week with a bowl at the pool. Boys are so funny.

  4. Loved seeing you there! Your little guy is a doll and you looked beautiful!

  5. So magnif seeing you, Davo, and Little Red at the beach. It think we are officially on year 28 there.


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