July 13, 2010

just keep swimming

I have officially fallen back in love with swimming. We've been broken up pretty much since I turned 13 when swimming all day in the summer stopped being important and hanging out with friends and making bean burrito dip at my best friend, Rachel's, house became my summer priority (plus her parents had a swamp cooler which was so nice in the Arizona heat!)

Swimming in San Diego is so different than my swimming experience growing up. In Arizona you can't be out of the water for more than 5 minutes until your hair is completely dry and your skin is dripping wet, not from pool water but sweat. Here it's lovely to just sit by the pool without getting in but still warm enough to enjoy the water if you want to. I will give Arizona one plug though - night swimming is the best there!

I hope that I can get somewhere close to the killer tan I had when I was little . . . but I'd rather skip the green chlorine hair!
Me and William with our friends, Jamie and Boston (who is not cross-eyed normally).


  1. I am deathly afraid of living in a place as hot as AZ. I'm from MN and while I cannot stand -35 degrees I deal with it in my own way, lol!

    80 degrees is hot enough for me

  2. William looks so adorable in his little floatie-thingie! I love all the smiles!

  3. Sometimes I ask myself why the heck I live in Arizona... but then I remember how beautiful the winters are and all my family is so close by... the heat will end eventually!!

  4. Haha Cross eyed! You are too funny!


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