July 22, 2010


William has been really good at a few things lately, such as:

Climbing in boxes

Climbing on boxes

and just generally being adorable at the beach.

Also, some of you asked about the artist of the painting I have in my living room as shown on this post, which is . . . me. I'm a very amateur oil painter but I love it and wish I could paint all day. This is one of my favorite paintings I've done. It's of the white cliffs of Dover which is sentimental to me because my mom used to sing the song to me when I was little and I've always thought it was a pretty tune for a pretty place. Believe it or not, I do have an Etsy shop that has sadly been neglected for many months. If you are interested in a custom painting, e-mail me and we can brainstorm possibilities. Here are a few other paintings I've done.


  1. Boxes are really the best child toy there is!



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