June 17, 2010

tween room

My oldest sister heard about the room board that I did for my sister's baby girl's room and asked me to help her decorate two of her daughters' rooms as well. One is a tween who wanted "Anthropologie mismatched" style with bright colors and birds. She already has a day bed with white canopy net over it but she really wanted a chaise or settee as a reading nook.

Here's what I came up with:
I started off Carol's room with the rug from Anthropologie. I think the colors are amazing and really give the room a fun starting off point since it has so many great colors in it to pull from. It's funky but also floral enough to be feminine. My niece is trying to get away from the shabby chic look and move onto a more "teenager" room so I thought using touches of pink would look good but not be overwhelmingly "PINK"!

Of course, she has a dresser and a few other things already but I like how everything isn't matchy-matchy. I'm so inspired by Little Green Notebook's girls room . . . and pretty much everything she does but you already know that.

Here's the item breakdown if you're interested: Chandelier, Settee, Rug, End Table, Lamp, Bird Sconces, Floral Pillow, Round Pillow, Yellow Stripe Fabric (we're going to make bolster pillows), Artwork, Pink Picture Frame, Letter "C".


  1. I've been lurking for a long while and just had to come out of hiding to say, you have a great talent for this! Seriously! You could make a lot of money creating these boards for people (like me) who love style, but have a hard time coming up with ideas on their own. Consulting from home...shopping online for other people! What could be more fun? Your boards are beautiful as is your home and family.

  2. Nice job Liz! I love that little yellow side table. Can't wait to see the actual room!


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