June 29, 2010

growing up: 8 months

Oh, so much to share about my trip home last week! William and I flew into San Diego on Monday night to beautiful 62 degree weather (we left 110ish degrees) and it was like we took a collective deep breath of fresh air. Even though I grew up in the desert heat of Arizona, I never get used to how hot and dry it is in the summer.

I was so excited to see my two darling nephews, Hank and George, while we were there. They are 10 days younger than William and are such delicious little fellows (I adore George's face in this picture).

In keeping with tradition we had to take a few shots of them together to document their growth (here's when they are newborns and then this one at around 4 months). Chunky cousin Beck wasn't in town this time (sad face).

It was a challenge to get three fussy babies to look at the camera while 2 moms, 1 grandma, 3 aunts and about 10 cousins are all staring and making noises in every direction.

So, someone had the brilliant idea to sing a song all together to get their attention. It worked!

Though they do look a bit concerned. I love babies - especially mine.


  1. Someone? What do you mean by THAT? I was that someone with the "brilliant idea." :)

    So sad I missed seeing you guys again before you left. Can't wait to kiss Will's cheeks again!

  2. cute cute. next time let's try the horse your mom suggested.

  3. that is too cute! from the looks on their faces, someone must have been a little off tune.


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