May 17, 2010

real dads play softball

David has been playing softball every Thursday night with a league from work and last week was the first time we've been. Luckily William had taken a late nap that day so we were able to drive out to a park in Ocean Beach to watch him hit a few runs.
The phrase I hear the most about William is, "He's such a happy baby!" and the question I get asked the most is, "Is he always so happy?" and the answer I always give is, "Yes." I love my boys so much. My life is sooooo good.

Sometimes I can hardly believe how cute he is.


  1. He really is the happiest baby I have ever met! I love his high pitched squeals he makes! Makes me miss him!! Cute pictures of your boys Liz!

  2. I love that pacifier clip--it looks like he's wearing a little tie! Cute!


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