April 1, 2010

lil' buddies

While in Arizona, I met up with my dear friend Erin for lunch at Crackers. First we really tried to get our boys to recreate the last time they saw each other (it was so cute I could die). Alas, it mostly resulted in William screeching in Parker's face (enthusiastically) and then Parker reciprocating with a screech of terror/annoyment. This happened over and over and we could not stop laughing. They were still very gentle with each other though and gave each other boy kisses.
After lunch Erin gave me a ride home and I put William in the backseat next to Parker. They looked so cute just placidly sucking their pacifiers.
Erin showed me the greatest thing ever that she has in her car. Before I was a mother myself I would have scoffed, judged and been a snob about owning such a thing but a lot of my so-called "coolness" has since gone out the window. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. Yes, it flashes and makes an annoying racket but it entertains and that's all that matters when you're running errands.
Or just sitting in your car chatting away with one of your best friends while your babies quietly take naps in their carseats . . . which is what we did. Heaven.


  1. Two adorable boys!! Spoken like a true grandmother (and cousin ;D).

  2. I don't know why but I got all teary eyed when I read this post. :) (Happy tears!!) They were so cute together! They really do love each other! I think about their screaming competition all the time. That was so cute! I can't wait to see you guys again next weekend!! Love you Liz! :)

  3. It's amazing how therapeutic a conversation with good friends can be, isn't it!

  4. Just came across your blog. Oh how I love (and miss) the binky-sucking baby stage! What a doll your little guy is. :)

  5. Such great pictures of those adorable boys (even if I am partial as Parker's aunt :) hee, hee). I love those playful moments with the babies and I love those quiet moments when you can chat with a great friend! :)


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